Torna Michael Gira con un nuovo, splendido album

Uscirà ad Agosto, pubblicato dalla Young God Records, il nuovo album del musicista americano intitolato "We are him". Un album dove l'ex leader degli Swans si fa accompagnare da eccellenti musicisti del calibro di Christoph Hahn (Swans, Angels Of Light), Bill Riefli (REM, Ministry, Robert Fripp,Robyn Hitchcock), Julia Kent (Antony and The Johnsons), Steve Moses (Alice Donut), e molti altri...
ecco i commenti di chi ha potuto ascoltarlo in anteprima:

"the moment I played -we are him- my heart exploded with the feeling 'that voice!!!!!!' and it has done it to me everytime I have ever heard it. From my first cassette of filth to this newest work, michael gira's singing is my favorite gentle violence and lovers strangulation. Now is the best he has ever sounded and I cannot without sounding insanely thrilled express how much this means to me. -we are him- is touching, frightening, wonderfully different and whole." - Jamie Stewart / Xiu Xiu

"Michael’s shirtless screaming is now finally reborn into something closer to the intensity of Nina Simone than punk rock. The song forms are now clear and strong enough to support vocal performances that sometimes sound like a 25-year-old Michael simultaneously hallucinating and dictating the dark underbelly of the Amercian Dream. And now that this strength and intensity is firmly rooted in tradition it can take on a whole new level of meaning and interplay and understanding that I find simply wonderful. This is not indie rock or Americana, this is authentic American music; or as Gram Parsons said, ' Cosmic American Music ' " - Seth Olinsky / Akron/Family

"Michael Gira is one of maybe ten people in the whole world who inspired me to pick up a guitar and try to write songs in the first place. He continues to be a tremendous influence on me. A new Angels of Light record is always cause for celebration around our house, and though each one is always better than the last, this new one is going to be hard to top… Forget everything you know about Michael Gira and Angels of Light, even if you love everything you know about Michael Gira and Angels of Light (which I most certainly do) - We Are Him is an indimidatingly great album and a highlight in a career of highlights…. Michael Gira taught me that you don't need to play loud to play heavy, you don't need to compromise to be a success to those who really count, and all you need to make rock and roll soup is some piss, some vomit, a little blood, and a few hundred wet cigarette butts." - James Toth / Wooden Wand

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