Johnny Greenwood is the controller

Esce a fine Febbraio una fantastica selezione dagli archivi Trojan Records curata dal chitarrista dei Radiohead intitolata "Johnny Greenwood is the controller".

“How could all this remarkable music come from one small island, with a population less than 2 million in the 1970's? Over a period of about twenty years, there was a remarkable explosion of Jamaican talent: the songwriting, the playing, the recording techniques; all these emerging arts came together to create some of the most important recordings of the last century. I don’t think it’s fanciful to compare, for example, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s work with the Beatles experimental music, or even composers like Stockhausen. Listen to his ‘Black Panta’. It’s all acoustic instruments, voices and microphones, and yet the resulting music is far beyond a ‘faithful’ reproduction of a band playing. The studio had become an instrument in itself, and producers like Perry took this development to it’s most glorious extreme, pushing echoes beyond recognition, kicking reverb springs to create ghostly rattles (listen to Johnny Clarke’s “A Ruffer Version” produced at King Tubby's) and so started a revolution in recording.”

Jonny Greenwood

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